Workshop on e-Training for Sport Professionals


E-learning in physical activities in the post-pandemic era faces new challenges. XR proved to be a very useful instrument in teaching physical education and sports, enhancing the learning curve and teaching efficiency, helping the participants to increase their motivation to learn new things by playing. The millennial generation is skillful in using mobile devices, technology, and software for physical education and sports. Their skills, but also their health and fitness, are stimulated by doing activities in the XR environment and through VR.  

XR technologies allow professionals to create different sports classes in order to reach the teaching objectives. The professionals may collect trainees’ data in real-time and then they can adapt lessons to athletes’ needs, and characteristics to train them for performance competitions. At the same time collecting sportive data, the XR application can be constantly improved to perform new functions and the coaching content can be constantly enriched by the professionals.

The other workshop topics are:

The authors could also suggest new topics linked to the workshop.


Sustainable education in physical activities and sports can be facilitated by XR facilities, interconnected mobile technology (IoT – Internet of Things), and adapting existing programs or redefining them. In this regard is necessary important invest in teacher knowledge improvement and personal development, that will allow them to adapt to the new technologies, develop new software for physical exercises and find new motivational strategies for athletes, trainees, children, teenagers, young people, adults, special population.

The workshop will offer a generous and useful framework, in which different approaches will be presented and common projects will be designed.


Impact and expected outcomes

The workshop will enforce the knowledge in applying XR in physical education and sports area will increase the interest in the topic and will initiate a community of good practice. The workshop will also reflect the VR use in anti-doping education, being supported by the partners from the Erasmus Plus Sports Project A Virtual Reality Approach in Learning about Doping.  


The potential list of invited speakers

The speakers will represent the organization from VIRAL project consortium. 

Main workshop organizer and other organizers

The workshop organizers are  the National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest (UNEFS) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.


Partners and Sponsors

Supporting Organizations