Workshop on Excellence in Engineering Education through e-Learning and ICT Tools (EXTEND)


The Forth International Workshop on Excellence in Engineering Education through e-Learning and ICT Tools (EXTEND 2022) represents an opportunity to present theoretical and practical studies related to modern e-learning environments and ICT tools used in engineering classes, to underline curriculum development challenges in engineering programs and to propose capacity building activities for engineering education.

Topics of interest

The workshop's topics include (but are not limited to):


The Bologna process brought necessary reforms to improve engineering education all over the world. But despite the obvious increase in attractiveness for young people, engineering education is still facing many challenges. The drop-out rate among students majoring in engineering is almost 25%, employment rates for bachelor graduates decrease due to the unwillingness of the industry to employ engineers with 4 years of education, the teaching staff is aging, and universities fail to create an effective system to retain young PhD graduates in engineering disciplines to perform teaching and research. The current workshop aims at proposing activities, models, and methodologies based on ICT to increase attractiveness and provide excellence in engineering university programs. 

Impact and expected outcomes

This event is expected to build an international forum for discussing and exchanging best practices and ideas related to engineering education, with the purpose of improving how it is currently provided and bringing it closer to industry needs.


The workshop is organized by University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (RO) and RIGA Technical University (LV)

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