Workshop on Using New Technologies and Applications in Medical Bioengineering Education


Medical Bioengineering is an applied field of science and engineering at the intersection of engineering, biology, healthcare, and medicine. The field of biomedical engineering involves the application of principles of engineering (mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer science and chemical engineering) and basic sciences (physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology).

The aim of the field is to develop systems, equipment, and devices in order to solve clinical problems – both diagnostics and therapeutics. Besides, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the biomedical engineering also plays a big role towards to alleviating, rehabilitation and compensating for disabilities and/or injuries. This is a very hard-core technical field. The biomedical engineering graduates need to possess an in-depth understanding of the human biology (living systems) and engineering, along with strong technical and analytical skills based new technologies and applications in education.

Topics of interest

The workshop's topics are:


This workshop represents an opportunity to present theoretical and practical aspects and to share the experiences of educational software for medical bioengineer who covers a diverse range of applications and technologies, including the use of virtual reality in medical applications, wireless and mobile technologies in health care settings, artificial intelligence to aid diagnostics, advanced biotechnologies and biomaterials with shape memory, and addressing security issues associated with making health care information available on the World Wide Web.

Impact and expected outcomes

The following results were expected from the workshop: learn more practice-based research strategic learning and teaching; learn the students and academia to take responsibility for new technology; connect with principles that can improve performance; attending will connect you with the most effective and tangible reform movement in high education.

Main workshop organizer

The workshop is organized by the Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi, Faculty of Medical Bioengineering in partnership with the eLSE Conference. The organizers invite specialists from the fields of medical bioengineering, medical engineering, medicine, engineering, physical therapy and rehabilitation, young researchers, students and PhD students who are interested to participate and present their experience in this field.

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