Conference Fee

The eLearning and Software for Education Conference (eLSE) is being affected by the escalation of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and for this reason, the event will be held as a virtual meeting.

That means that the conference fees were accordingly reshaped in order to coupe with the new state of things.

The Author fee includes the publication of one paper, conference materials, a conference stick (includes all conference papers), a diploma. The differences from all the initial fees and new expenses will be used for charity. All the taxes for Attendees were canceled, the public webinars can be viewed without taxation.


Industry & Corporate



Academia & Government



Attendee in person 



Attendee online 0 0

Students & Young PhD Candidates (under 30 years)



Carol I National Defence University Group*




*The authors from Carol I National Defence University Group are sponsored by their university.
** For publication of an extra paper as main author a 250 lei (55 euro) fee will be paid.

Authors are kindly asked to wait until the validation of their paper after the review process before paying the conference fee in order to avoid refunding.

To generate your invoice please log into your account and in My Account tab check the parameters on My Participation Details, Billing Information, and click on Generate My Invoice. The invoice will be displayed and a copy can be downloaded into pdf format.

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