ASCENDIA adventure started in 2007. Behind the numbers, we are a team of enthusiastic people. Some of us young and creative, some of us with long term experience in eLearning, 3D modelling and computer arts. Our team presently consists of 27 members and it's still expanding.

Our main goal... is to find the most challenging projects in education. Technologies are changing fast. We manage to stay update by creating dynamic teams around each project. We all share knowledge with each other and keep a strong focus on results.


Plagiat - Sistem Antiplagiat prin Internet is a Romanian company which was established in 2012 in Bucharest. We are the only distributor of the Anti-plagiarism System implemented by our partners, Plagiat.pl from Poland. We offer not only the services of the Anti-plagiarism System, but also the anti-plagiarism procedures and the protection of documents which were verified with the Anti-plagiarism System.

As proof of our success, we can mention the collaboration with 19 Romanian Universities as well as the experience we have acquired in 15 years of collaboration with the best Universities in Poland, 186 in total. Our services are also dedicated to Publishing Houses and Governmental Institutions. Our Anti-plagiarism System is also used in the project of the Romanian Ministry of National Education for the development of a platform dedicated to evaluating Ph.D. papers at a national level.

Advanced Technology Systems

Advanced Technology Systems was established in 1992, entirely with Romanian capital, and has its main headquarters in Targoviste. The main activities carried out by ATS are client-oriented software development; consultancy and training services for information and communication technologies, management and business; research, development, and innovation; as well as configuration and administration of hardware systems.

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