Conference Topics

New trends in learning
Mobile learning and mobility
Project based education by multitouch
Augmented reality impact on learning and training
Haptic technology in training
Computer science and education
Cloud computing
Knowledge database / knowledge management system
Learning Content Management System
Artificial Inteligence
Pedagogy and psychology in new learning environments
eLearning curriculum transformations
Development issues
Understanding, mapping and exploring pedagogy
Virtual classroom evolution
Elearning business case
Build the new eLearning system in academia/corporate
Challenges in eLearning system development
Social media/social networking
e-content/instructional design
Course design
Authoring tools for e-content
Outcomes of the multimedia projects
E-content strategies
Evaluation and assesment
Management, strategies and policy
E-learning system architecture
Copyright and ownership issues
Costs and Resource (ROI and TCO)
Corporate e-learning/ e-training
E-learning for defence, security and crises management
Life Long Learning
Jobs development and new skills
Drill and competencies
Research in e-learning
Results of interdisciplinary research programs
Evolution of eLearning Technologies

Transformation of learning and cognitive styles

International Review of Virtual Learning Environments - Modeling and simulation in ADL
Best practices in ADL
Repositories and sequencing issues
ADL Learning Environment
Serious games
Serious Games Esentials
Serious Games Design and Development
Games creation: Magic of Serious Games
Case studies: Games in the classroom
Partners and Sponsors

Supporting Organizations